Girls Varsity Swimming · Varsity Swim Awards

Jasmine Kidder Team Captain
Jasmine Kidder has served as team captain for the last 2 years. This year she served as a co-captain alongside Abbi. Jasmine has always gone above and beyond her duties. She has really grown into being a great leader. Making sure everyone was aware of the announcements, any practice changes, any changes in the line up, Jasmine was on it. At the meets she was making sure people were adhering the rules, no jewelry, no watches, and as always good sportsmanship.  Jasmine is a natural leader and has handled the highs and lows of this role with her head held high. The shoes Jasmine leaves behind will be hard to fill. The duties she performed she did so without being told to. Jasmine has an intrinsic knowledge of how to lead these girls and she has done a marvelous job at it. My team captains are amazing and I hope the younger girls are inspired to be as good as they are.
Abbigail McClure Team Captain
Abbigail McClure served as a co-captain this year alongside Jasmine. What Abbi did was become the voice of reason among the team. When someone was slacking or not on task she would say something. When confronted with negative criticism Abbi would lead a discussion with the girl’s. Abbi always made sure that no girl was left behind.  If someone didn’t respond to an announcement she would investigate. It takes a lot of strength to be the person that has to continue to confront others. Everything Abbi has done is because she values the team as a whole. She knows how to achieve greatness and wants others to achieve it as well. If everyone is performing at their best then the team will thrive. Abbi has always done this in such a fantastic way because she values every individual and that’s why our team has done so well this year. My team captains are amazing and I hope the younger girls are inspired to be as good as they are.
Haley Redlin Mental Attitude
Haley Redlin is one of the hardest working girl’s I have ever had on my team. When you watch her swim you can see that she is putting forth 100% effort. Haley’s swimming career is a lot like most swimmers: a lot of hard work for very little time drops. It can be easy to let your disappointments weigh you down. To go sit on the bench and sulk after every swim and to let your negative attitude bleed into your next race.  But Haley didn’t let that happen. No matter the outcome of her race she’d walk right down to the end of the lane and start cheering on the next girl. The strength Haley has and displays is astounding and inspiring. Haley recognizes that not every swim is going to be a lifetime best but it can still be considered a good swim.  The way she carried herself this year speaks volumes to her character and her good will towards others. Haley’s attitude is what I hope for in all my girl’s and that’s why she is more than deserving of this award.
Courtney Watson MVP
Courtney Watson wasn’t always the go getter that she is today. During her freshman and sophomore years she was a bit laissez-faire. Her junior year is when Courtney really started to stand out. She worked harder and made big strides of improvement. This year Courtney brought out a sense of friendly competition among her teammates. You could say that this was a fuel for her fire. She made a dramatic time decrease in her 100 Breaststroke and this competitive attitude definitely contributed to this victory. She worked even harder at practices than she did last year and she continuously set and achieved goals for herself. When Courtney would finish races she would always analyze it. Was it a good swim?  Was the pacing right? Was the breakout early? Having this skill of reflection aided in her success. What I want is for the younger teammates to look at Courtney’s work ethic and take notes because there is so much to learn.
Cassandra Hoar Most Improved
Cassandra Hoar has worked very hard this year. She has been held to a higher standard by teammates and she rose to the occasion. There were time drops in every one of Cassie’s events and not just once, repeatedly! The joy that it always brought me as a coach was watching her reaction as she looked at the scoreboard after a race. It was if every second dropped was so unexpected yet exciting and you can’t help but be just as excited with her. Cassie is young and has more time to give to the Redskins as a swimmer. I know that she will continue to work hard and keep surprising herself along the way.
Cynthia Garbison Senior Shout Out
Cynthia Garbison is a natural athlete in the water. There is SO much talent there and you can see it when she swims. Heck, anyone who has seen Cyndi swim knows how fast she zips through the water and that’s all without using her legs! Cyndi has faced challenges along the way and the one word I think rises above all others is determination. Every hill, every obstacle, every time someone said no. Cyndi pushed back. She laid forth a plan to achieve her goals and she wasn’t going to let anybody or anything stray her from her path. With the determination Cyndi possesses she will be able to accomplish many things. Cyndi has a great future ahead of her.